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Pew Internet
“Instead of reading and writing, let's say communication and content creation will be easier and enhanced. I hope that the future of books is this: A regular size, regular weight hardcover will contain not paper but epaper that any book can be embedded into, and the content can change at my whim. I can move fluidly between professionally- produced audio and text with optional hyperlinks that bring me to definitions, criticism, reviews, and discussion forums - i.e. I can read to page 50, plug it into my car and listen to it for 10 pages, and pick up reading again on page 60 at my destination. Multimedia would be embedded - a novel might link to a character blog, a reference book might include video, author bios would be a video. The “paper” will be a full color touch screen…. My local library will loan me ebooks for free, that I can download without ever setting foot into a library building. Anyone would be able become a content creator, because of the ease of the publishing platform. And I would be able to seamlessly consume content in any format on any platform.” – Beth Gallaway, library consultant and trainer

Part 2: A review of responses to a tension pair about the impact of the internet on reading, writing, and the rendering of knowledge


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